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Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation

Without a doubt, one of the best cosmetic fat reduction procedures available today is ultrasonic fat cavitation treatment.

Whether you’re interested in body contouring, reducing loose skin, or removing excess fat tissue, ultrasound fat cavitation is the ideal option for non-invasive treatment in Perth.

And, unlike traditional treatments for fat loss, like liposuction, the recovery time for our ultrasonic fat cavitation clients is exceptionally quick. 

Say goodbye to excess fat cells

With high-frequency sound waves at your disposal, you’ll be able to dispel free fatty acids from your lymphatic system in no time.


Our ultrasonic fat cavitation in Perth provides some of the best results for long-term fat loss.

Advantages of ultrasonic fat cavitation treatment

Unlike traditional fat loss interventions, like surgery and liposuction techniques, ultrasonic fat cavitation uses a process that can achieve fat reduction without incisions, anaesthetic or invasive physical interventions. 

  • Who can go for this treatment?
    Anyone who wants to lose fat via non-invasive means can sign up for ultrasonic fat cavitation (Perth-based) treatment.
  • What other types of cosmetic therapies do you offer?
    In Perth fat cavitation isn’t the only service we offer. Some of the other types of procedures you can access here at Sculptd include HIEMT body sculpt treatment, plasma fibroblast skin tightening, radio frequency skin tightening and skin needling treatment.
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