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Perth's Leading Contouring Clinic - View This Month's Offer

What is body contouring?

Wish there was an easier way to get rid of stubborn double chin & belly without risky surgery or injectables? We understand it’s a challenge to tone stubborn areas even with extreme diets and exercise… This is why we founded Sculptd. 


Sculptd is Perth’s leading non-invasive body & skin sculpting clinic. We are the first Perth clinic to specialise in body slimming & skin tightening with amazing results to prove it. We only use the top of the range technology (not from China) that is safe and approved by TGA - Australian government.


Our professional team cares about taking the time to understand your needs and offers longer treatment times - to ensure you get the best results, so you will look and feel confident right after your appointment. 

Treat Yourself - This Month's New Client Offer

  • Jawline Contouring + Consult Offer $94 (Value $145) OR 

  • Jawline +  Stomach Contouring + Consult Offer $197 (Value $305)  OR 

  • Neck + Jawline +  Stomach Contouring + Consult Offer $247 (Value $400)

Includes initial consult and before & after fat loss tracking. *T&C’s 25 spots for this month, new clients only. Located in Nollamara with ample free parking. Offer only available if you see this page.

What treatments will you be
receiving with this offer?

Jawline & neck area - RF skin tightening 

Stomach area - Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation

Radio frequency skin tightening (also known as RF skin tightening) is one of the most advanced treatments to sculpt, tighten and remodel the jawline, double chin, and neck without surgery. The treatment operates on a deeper layer of the tissue than most traditional treatments to remodel fat while tightening the skin at the same time. It uses radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen and improves skin quality over a longer period of time. 

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation (also known as Ultra Fat Cavitation) is a revolutionary treatment that melts fat away, sculpts the body, and eliminates fat and toxins through the lymphatic system. It uses ultrasonic radio waves to break fat cells, resulting in lost inches on the target area. 

How many sessions do you need? You will see results after the first treatment. After each treatment, you will see an improvement in results. We generally recommend 4 treatments for dramatic results. View our clients before and after below and how many treatments it took to achieve their results with no diets, crazy exercises, surgery or invasive treatments. 

Treatment FAQs

Jawline - RF Skin Tightening Results

Stomach - Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation Results


Experience The
Sculptd Difference

✔️ Safe, top of the range technology (not from China) 
✔️ Approved by TGA - Australian government
✔️ Longer treatment times for better results
✔️ Affordable prices & packages
✔️ Natural results with no pain, no downtime 
✔️ Images to prove our real results 

For my very first session Nicole was absolutely amazing. From giving me all the information to making me feel right at home. She was a gem!

Samantha C.

  • Who can go for this treatment?
    Anyone who wants to lose fat via non-invasive means can sign up for ultrasonic fat cavitation (Perth-based) treatment.
  • What other types of cosmetic therapies do you offer?
    In Perth fat cavitation isn’t the only service we offer. Some of the other types of procedures you can access here at Sculptd include HIEMT body sculpt treatment, plasma fibroblast skin tightening, radio frequency skin tightening and skin needling treatment.
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